London Southend Airport Parking, Ensuring Practicality With Ease

If you are travelling to London Southend Airport in preparation for your holidays, you be pleased to discover that there is secure car park in which to store your vehicle whilst you are away. There is additional a free shuttle bus that runs between the terminal and car park (only a two minute journey), allowing you complete ease and convenience during your journey. The car park is protected by CCTV, ensuring complete security.

The following charges apply when using the London Southend Airport Car Park:

Up to 10 minutes Free
Up to 30 minutes £1.00
Up to 1 hour £2.00
Up to 2 hours £4.00
Day rate £6.00
Week rate £35.00

You must pay via the payment machine, before leaving the car park.

London Southend Airport does not allow caravans, trailers or buses within the car park.

London Southend Airport does not accept responsibility for loss or damage of properties or vehicles in this car park.

Simplify Your Journey With Parking At London Southend Airport

Parking at London Southend Airport is more than adequate, with a large amount of spaces available and CCTV security, ensuring you receive a professional and efficient service. Knowing that your car will be safe and secure whilst you are away on your travels allows complete peace of mind. In addition, for a week rate, the cost is only £35.00. This is a far lower rate in comparison to other London Airport parking, in which you could pay up to £80.00 for a week rate.
If you want to ensure that there will be an available space for your vehicle prior to your travel, then you can simply book a parking space online, ensuring that you
On arrival, you will find the car parking at Southend Airport is more than adequate, allowing you ease of use before you travel. There are ample car parking spaces available, located in close proximity to ensure the utmost convenience to Southend Airport customers. All parking is secure, guaranteeing your vehicle is kept safe whilst you are away. Car parking is a short walk to the passenger terminal, under 100 steps to be precise.
In addition, Southend Airport offer pre-booking for their Long Stay car parking rates. So, if you wish to be extra organised and promise yourself a car parking space prior to your trip, then be sure to book online as soon as possible.